Birds And Cages

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ESSAY Birds and Cages The world is a big place and there are thousands of creatures in it. Although we believe in freedom, we rarely give it to the animals that share all the beauty around us. I personally believe that birds are one of the incarcerated living beings and shouldn't be left in cages, but set free to enjoy the space God planned for them.

There are many different types of birds, with outrageous colors, sizes and environments. They all share wings that let them fly, allowing them to feel free and secure in their habitat. Some fly and some just can't, but we should allow them to live freely, taking away the life sentence that a cage can bring upon them. Being able to feel the wind from above and watching everything sit still bellow can give a bird a sense of what the world is, even though they can't think like humans do.

One of my cousins had a beautiful bird that could sing wonderful tunes, but after awhile he would say no words and looked sad and depressed even though he was a bird. Every time he would get the chance to look out the windows of the house, his eyes and head drifted out as if trying to touch the sky. This experience made me realize that no beauty can be greater than to see an animal happy and free. I became aware of true feelings inside me, that a little birds sad eyes brought to the surface.

Cages don't permit communication between the birds; they only give them an opportunity to be with people or if lucky, birds belonging to their cage. I know what loneliness is and also what it can cause; do to this, I realize that anxiety and depression can be presented. Although birds are not human, they are living beings that can feel hurt and destruction. This is why a bird in a cage can die quicker than one living a wild life with all the dangers in it.

I also believe that a bird would like to reproduce, but sharing a cage with a bird of the same sex will eliminate any possibilities. We might say " There are lots of birds that can lay eggs and therefore reproduce, so why should birds in cages have a need for it." This is just like telling the human race not to have a baby because other mothers can have them aswell and this way the population won't grow so much.

There are many possible answers to why a bird shouldn't be put in a cage. These points are the ones that mostly concern me and I strongly recommend to put deep though into them. Freedom is essential for all living creatures; we would not like to be in a cage, so there is no need to put a bird in one. If we want to admire beauty, go to a forest or simply sit outside to see birds fly all over the sky.