The Black Loyalists

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The black loyalists that came to Nova Scotia from the thirteen colonies during the American Revolution were looking for a change in life style and a completely new way of life that was promised to them by the British government, if they took their side during the war, but this new way of life was completely different then what they expected. These black loyalists consisted of both slaved and freed black people. From their arrival in their new home of Nova Scotia, the trials and tribulations of everyday life, to their departure for Sierra Leone, the black loyalists endured many harsh times in their daily lives that brought back memories or their former home in the Thirteen colonies.

At the conclusion of the American Revolution, those who wanted to stay loyal to Britain were given the chance to go elsewhere in the Empire. Many of the loyalists that took advantage of this opportunity were black slaves or former black militiamen from the southern Thirteen colonies.

?Judging slavery to be a major weakness of the rebellious southern colonies, the British offered emancipation to all slaves who, during the revolution, volunteered to serve with their forces.? These slaves that joined the British were given their freedom from their masters. The British hoped to get thousands of slaves to join their side and by doing so, it would strangle the local economies. Most of the blacks that did accept this deal were from the southern states and they saw this as an opportunity to free themselves from the clutches of their masters. Many slaves did not accept this proposal as hoped by the British government.

Since slaves were valuable property at the time, the ones that did not accept this deal to join the British side were sold by British Officers to the...