Blacks In A Dominant White Society

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Blacks In a Dominant White Society In today's society are still racism and prejudice amongst other races. The color of a person's skin, religion, and ethnicity plays a big role in racism. Throughout the years, African Americans have faced problems with racism, slavery, and unjust brutality. European Americans abused the power they had over African Americans, which caused chaos amongst the white and blacks. Europeans felt they were superior to African Americans because the white folks had money and were light skinned. African Americans have been fighting for their freedom and rights for decades. It took African Americans many years before the Civil Rights movement happened. When the Civil Rights occur, blacks were recognized and gained equal rights from the white society. Famous black writers such as Toni Morrison, wrote about African American history and how a black person face the difficulties of being black in a dominant white society.

In Toni Morrison's novel, Song of Solomon, Guitar's character dealt with the prejudice white society and the violence amongst whites and blacks.

European Americans were prejudice against the African Americans. For instance, when Guitar was a little boy, he dealt with a prejudice white nurse at Mercy Hospital. In the opening scene of the novel, Guitar and his grandmother were watching Robert Frost on top of Mercy hospital about ready to fly. As they were watching, a white nurse came up to Guitar and talked "very slowly to him"(P.7) as if he was brainless. The nurse doubted his intelligence and Guitar tries to correct the nurse on her spelling of " A-D-M-I-S-I-O-N-S" (P.7). Guitar told the nurse that she had left out an "s" (P.7) but the nurse left before she could hear him correct her. The nurse disregarded his intelligence, thinking he was slow in the head and that...