Blade Runner

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The storyline is set in future Los Angeles I think around 2019, in which many people have abandoned the earth for other worlds leaving only the poor and depressed behind. Robots called replicants were created but became too powerful and intelligent and ended up being banned from earth. Four have escaped and made their way to earth the task of police officer called a Blade Runner (Harrison Ford) to "retire" these robots.

One of the interesting aspects of this film is the use of advertising. It seems that the world has a lot of commercial pressures on it. We see huge lighted signs everywhere. Like on skyscrapers, space ships. We get a sense of sort of an artificial world from this. It is always dark and rainy. The world seems entirely built up, there is no grass, no pets, only buildings, and trash in what we see as a deteriorating earth.

Next, there is an overwhelmingly diverse Los Angeles. Than advertisements feature Japanese women, and are then followed by Coke symbols. The fast food as we have come to know it no longer exists, only noodles, and other oriental fast food.

The replicants have a fixed four-year life span as a fail-safe device. The only way they can be spotted is by a test, which checks their irises change with there reactions to test. It seems the line between replicants and people is almost nonexistent. We see this in the relationship that forms between Deckard and Rachel, a replicant, it is clear that they have feelings for each other. As Deckard begins to be protective of Rachel, she actually saves his life by shooting one of the replicants who is trying to kill him. She is acting as if she were human.

Along the way, we come across the...