Blauner's hypothesis is explained in regards to the Mexican American immigrants.

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Blauner's hypothesis is a theory about the creation of a minority group that asserts that minority groups created by colonization will experience more intense prejudice, racism, and discrimination than those created by immigration. According to Blauner, there are two major processes by which new groups are incorporated into a society, immigration or colonization. Immigration is voluntary and the prescriptions and exclusions are minimal. Colonization, on the other hand, is involuntary and prescriptions and exclusions are maximized. Blauner then, using his processes by which plural societies are formed, contrasts the experiences of Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Mexican-Americans in terms of their rate of assimilation.

Mexican Americans actually constitute a complicated case. They were originally indigenous to North America, became a colonized people, then, as a result of the war between Mexico and the United States and the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo (1848), they lost their land. They had been colonized and, as a result of the war, they became immigrants to the United States. Blauner believed that there are two types of minority groups, one on each end of the spectrum and positions in the between the extremes. These enclaves and middle minorities were often immigrants and had more opportunities than past colonized minority groups did when carving out places for themselves in their new society (Blauner, 1972).

The Hispanic value system stresses responsibility, hardworking, good provider, male dignity and that of a man in charge. These characteristics can lead to an overall better quality of live for Mexican American immigrants. Many Mexican American immigrants also place a high value on family relations and obligations, they believe in strong family ties. These qualities can help the male member of the family a good provider for his family. The anti-Mexican stereotypes and attitudes are consistent with the nature of the contact...