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Blazing Saddles, if you've seen it you wouldn't be reading this. If you haven't your missing an all time great. The Endless strings of gut busting gags, countless parodies and continuous pranks makes this movie one of the funniest. Some may say that it is one of the funniest of all time.

The story involves the little town of Rock Ridge, a town where all the residents are named "Johnson". There is a plan for the railroad to go through the town and an evil politician Hedley Lamar (played by Harvey Kormen) wants all the local property for himself. The value of the land will skyrocket once the rail goes through.

Hadley's evil gang of henchmen led by his lieutenant Taggart (Slim Pickens) may be the dumbest gang of guys to ever walk the west. They are sent in by Hedley to terrorize the town and get the townspeople to sell their land.

The townspeople petition the governor to send them a new sheriff. Designed as an insult, Hedley steps in and convinces the governor to send the town a black sheriff (Cleavon Little). The townspeople are obviously going to be very unhappy about this. The only help comes from the town drunk named Jim, AKA the Waco Kid (Gene Wilder). The two become friends and Jim helps the sheriff to settle in and understand the people of rock ridge.

It's tough for such a pure comedy to truly be a good movie. It definitely hits the top of the charts for the humor category. The plot isn't all that great, and almost the entire sequence of events exists merely to set up more gags. Those gags are definitely done right and well enough to make the movie great even with a bad plot. The gags that are...