Blind To Ignorance

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"Blind to Ignorance" Maybe heroes do exist in our everyday lives. Maybe they are not just some cartoon characters with superhuman powers. In Mark Twain's novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain states the obstacles in overcoming slavery. So how do we determine who the hero is in Twain's novel? We look at the goal trying to be achieved and determine whom the character is that sets forth and conquers it. In this essay Huck will be viewed as the hero due to overcoming the ignorance instilled in him by the rest of society related to slavery and freedom. A hero is a main character who makes assertive, selfless, and brave decisions based on a specific cause. In the novel the specific cause is the goal in trying to achieve Jim's freedom. Huck realizes how corrupt and ignorant society really is and has enough common sense and liberty, unlike the rest of society, to step forth and try and change the wrong decisions being made.

This essay will state the mature progression that Huck develops and his decisions that are made for him to deserve the right to be called the real hero of this novel.

To be "civilized", what does it actually mean? Maybe the problem in our society today is that we the people really do not even know the true meaning of "civilized". We base our ideas and thoughts on what the rest of society thinks and follow along. Do you have to have an enormous vocabulary or dress up in fancy suits to be civilized? If these qualities pertain to the true definition of being civilized then in Huck's case he would be nowhere near being civilized. "And so when I couldn't stand it no longer I lit out. I got into my old rags and my sugar-hogshead again, and was free and satisfied."(Twain, pg.1) This is a quality that helps Huck be distinguished from society. He is Independent in his actions and ideas. The quality that really helps make a person civilized is being able to distinguish right from wrong. One that is possesses decent moral values and can stand up for an idea they believe in. Huck possesses these qualities and by this is able to pursue his goal of trying to set Jim free from slavery.

Huck demonstrates his bravery all throughout the novel by sticking with Jim through thick and thin down the river. Even when Huck encounters the two slave hunters he is right beside Jim and lies to the hunters about Jim to keep Jim away from being caught. "Your pap's got the smallpox"¦do you want it spread all over?"¦'Well I've told everybody before, and they just went away and left us.'"(Twain, pg.81) Huck's selfless decisions make him the reason for the true hero.

So after reading this essay do our thoughts on what a hero should be and a hero we see through society differ? The knowledge obtained through reading this novel has given readers a different outlook on maybe how to benefit themselves and society through decisions made the right way. Maybe we will find that if we do this we can someday classify ourselves as all being heroes.