Bloody Mary

Essay by rocky_lod March 2007

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One day I decided to go camping with my three friends. So I called Jad he has a red hair, blue eyes, dark skin and thick glasses he is the best friend to play with, and I also called Johnny black short hair, green eyes and light skin he is the kindest person. The last friend I called is Lara blond hair, blue eyes and light skin; she is the most to be trusted with.

As we were going to the mountains, my dad stops the car and went to bring us tent and sleeping bags. So when we finally reached the mountain called zebdine. Were people are building my house that is not done yet. At four o’clock in the evening my dad left us alone to have fun. So Jad open the tent and sleeping bags. ”isn’t it going to be creepy Johnny said”. “Of course not said Lara we have each others back”.

Just I suspected it was getting darker and colder each minute. So we went inside the tent and waited for night. When it was twelve o’clock we decided to talk about scary stories. “I have a perfect story said Lara how about we talk about bloody Mary a girl who comes to you each time you say her name ten times. Lara told us that bloody Mary is a urban legend that people usually call her name ten times and she comes on front of there face screaming in a horrible voice with a long black dusty hair, blood all over her face and with blackish grey cloth. Johnny and I were terrified about Lara story accept Jad he was laughing and saying that is the dumbest scariest story I have ever heard. So Jad screamed out loud bloody Mary ten times while...