Book report on "The Daughters of Eve" by Lois Duncan

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There are many characters in the story, Daughters of Eve. There are only five that stand out from the rest. These five are Laura Snow, Jane Rheardon, Fran Schneider, Tammy Carncross, and Irene Stark. These are the main characters in the story. They are all members of the club, "Daughters of Eve".

Laura Snow was a junior in high school. She was a nice girl with glowing eyes. She also loved this boy in high school named Peter Grange. He went out with her for a while, but in pity. Her parents were divorced, and she lived with her mother in the town of Modesta. Although everyone liked her, she hated herself. She thought of herself as "a 160-pound lump with a bust that looked like twin watermelons and a rear that looked like twin something-elses" (13).

Jane Rheardon had a "delicate, porcelain feature and incredible corn-silk hair" (22).

Her father called her chicken fluff because of her hair. She was smart and got straight A's. Her mom was also in the Daughters of Eve. She would twitch a lot when she was nervous. That was only because her mom and dad argued too much, and her dad would hit her mother. Now, Jane is a patient at the state mental hospital.

Fran Schneider is the president of the Daughters of Eve. She was small figured with a narrow face. She had a long pointed nose, and nearsighted eyes. She wore thick lens glasses that made her eyes look like insect eyes. She also liked this guy named Gordon Pellet. She was a very smart girl who wanted to win the science scholarship with her science fair project. With that scholarship she wanted to go to medical school. Three years after high school she became...