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Juvenile justice is a book based on real juveniles who have committed severe and harsh crimes against other people. It talks of what these juveniles did and the sentences they incurred. The book starts out with Craig Price. Craig Price was not an average teenager. At age 15, he already had a history of offenses including a record of breaking and entering, theft, peeping into houses and using drugs. He was also known to have a violent temper. Police had been called to his house on more than one occasion to settle disputes in which he was involved. He was convicted of killing two 10-year-old girls as well as their mother. He also confessed to the killing of a close by neighbor Rebecca Spencer. He was charged and convicted of 4 counts of murder and 2 counts of burglary. According to Rhode Island state law, all the courts could do was hold him in a training school until his 21st birthday and no longer.

Thus after five years, Craig would be a free man with a clean record until Attorney General James O’Neal came along and wanted to change it, with the approval of the governor the law was changed, and Rhode Island kids from the age of 13 could be tried as adults..

In Indiana Paula Cooper, Denise Thomas, Karen Quarters, and April Beverley were arrested for stabbing an elderly woman 30 times. For weeks they planned it April was going to go to the door and say that her friends wanted to attend bible study. The girls were going to go in and steal jewelry but instead Paula grabbed the vase hit her pulled out a knife and started stabbing her asking for money and jewelry. Karen stabbed her and put a towel over her face. After...