A Born Historic Leader

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“President George W. Bush calls Franks, “a down to earth, no-nonsense guy.” His troops call him, “a soldier’s General,” and his associates call him, “an astute business man.” His grandkids call him, “Pooh” (About General Franks, 2005). Many people did not know who General Tommy Franks was until the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The attention of the war put General Tommy Franks in the spot light. Many people not knowing anything about him, just what they saw on television, would form their own opinions about him and his character. General Tommy Franks has led a considerable and exciting life with all the different experiences he has been able to partake. General Tommy Franks led a very honorable life from growing up and going to college, joining the military and retiring.

Growing Up and Going to CollegeGeneral Tommy Franks is an Oklahoma native. Franks was born in Wynnewood, Oklahoma on June 17, 1945 as Tommy Ray Bentley, then was adopted by Mr.

and Mrs. Ray Franks. At age 6 the family moved to Stratford, Oklahoma and started school. During the summer between the fourth and fifth grade the family moved to Midland, Texas. Franks would finish school in Midland at Robert E. Lee High School one year prior to our current first lady, Laura Bush. Franks received a scholarship to attend the University of Texas. After two years of college, Tommy Franks flunked out of college and then joined the United States Army; he was commissioned as a second lieutenant and was then sent to Vietnam. Franks later returned to finish college at the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. He later received a Masters degree in Public Administration at Shippensburg University. He also graduated from the Armed Forces Staff College and the...