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BOSCH GmbH-Human Resource ManagementContentsContents21. Introduction32. Bosch42.1 Historical development42.2 The Bosch, group today42.3 The corporate culture53. Foreign dispatch process at Bosch63.1 Aims of the foreign dispatch63.2 Dispatch forms63.3 Foreign dispatch process63.3.1 Choice73.3.1.1 Theoretical bases and enterprise practice73.3.1.2 Choice at Bosch73.3.2 Preparation73.3.2.1 Theoretical bases and enterprise practice73.3.2.2 Preparation at Bosch93.3.3 Moving103.3.4. Reintegration113.3.4.1 Theoretical bases and enterprise practice113.3.4.2 Reintegration with Bosch133. Measures of the operational reintegration133. Measures of the private reintegration144. Asia, challenge and chance144.2 requirements on German executives in China154.2.1 The intercultural difficulties154.2.2 Cultural distinction and integration164.2.3 Recruitment and motivation of local workers184.3 Optimization/customization of the dispatch process for/to China194.4 Bosch measures for China205. Conclusion22Bibliography231. IntroductionThis case study is about the german Robert Bosch GmbH and deals with the topic "international staff management". The four phases of the foreign dispatch process (choice, preparation, moving, repatriation) are in the special focus. The foreign assignment of employees is getting more and more important in times of global markets and enterprise locations.

In our work the foreign dispatch process is examined, how far the global requirements on the resource staff are met by Bosch. The measures, Bosch developed for the choice, preparation, moving and reintegration of its employees has been examined and set against the common practice of other enterprises.

The work starts with a representation of the enterprise Bosch. The main part is a detailed representation of the measures of Bosch with respect to the four phases of the foreign dispatch. These are judged with the theory from technical literature and compared with the common practice of other enterprises. Subsequently the question is followed whether the expansion plans in the direction of the China require a customization of the staff management. Finally we draw a conclusion whether the measures of Bosch are suitable to fulfill the requirements or must be changed.

2. Bosch2.1 Historical...