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The movie Bowling for Columbine, directed by Michael Moore, is a documentary that explores the growing rate of gun violence that has been infecting the United States and the American people for quite some time. Throughout the film, Moore is able to provide a convincing argument to answer the question surrounding the film: "what makes United States have the most gun related deaths than the rest of the world?" By exploring this question, Moore and his viewers are subject to a variety of reasons that could be possible answers, but his strongest point, which I agree with entirely, is that it is largely through media that makes the United States a fear-based society. With his persistent nature, Michael Moore proves this point by showing various clips of behind the scenes news reports and the true feelings of those who cover the news, the nonstop media stories of things to be award of , and the comparison of the news from Canada and the new from US.

By pulling these three elements together, Moore shows that through this fear, many American people are accepting the vast amount of gun related crimes and turning a blind eye towards a solution. Some however, add to the problem and help drive the Americans further into fear.

The people, who Moore speaks of, are the news reporters. They are the ones on the front lines delivering the media to their fellow Americans. One scene in Bowling for Columbine shows a news reporter reporting the death of a six year old girl named Kayla. At first glance we are convinced that this news reporter's feelings are truly genuine but as Moore cuts to footage behind the scenes, we immediately see the dishonest truth behind the intentions of this news reporter. "How is my hair", says...