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Being a student of MBA Marketing it is the pre requisite for the degree of MBA to undergo an internship in an organization for at least six weeks. This internship enables the student to put theoretical knowledge in to practice and later this internship is documented in the form of a report. My concern is with Pepsi Cola International, Pakistan (PCI) and Northern Bottling Company Peshawar.

1.1 Purpose of study

The purpose of this report is to provide an insight to the Northern Bottling Company (Pvt) ltd Peshawar (NBCL), its functions. This report is aimed towards providing a critical analysis of the Sales & marketing function of NBCL Peshawar and to present some recommendations as to how this organization can improve its standing position.

1.2 Methodology of Report

I put all my efforts in the completion of this report. My primary and main source of data collection was through observation, personal interviews.

A fair amount of secondary data was collected through the office manuals, which was quite helpful during the completion of the report. The internship program was conducted for a period of six week, which is quite a short period and minute information of each and every section of the company is quite difficult. However, I have focused mainly on the sales & marketing department of the NBCL, Peshawar.

1.3 Scheme of Internship Report

This report consists of four sections, which includes:

Section 1: Introduction to the Report

This section includes, purpose, scope, methodology, and scheme of the report.

Section 2: Industry Analysis of Soft Drink Industry

In this section a brief analysis of Soft Drink industry in Pakistan. The main objective of an industry analysis is to understand the size of the industry, its rate of growth, its level of profitability, attractiveness and opportunities, the...