Brave New World

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The main characters of Brave New World are very complex in the way tehy are protrayed and that their emotions are not like those around them. this sense of individuality and aloness is shunned by the society that was their whole world. as a result, they try to fit in by being something they aren't, but instead they just become more and more unusual.

Hemholtz Watson longs to be able to write something that touches the reader. but in the society that he is surrounded by makes it impossible. even when what he wanted, strived for, was the emotion, the intensity, when John reads him Romeo and Juliet, he laughs at the dedication and love Romeo has for Juliet. It seems quite ironic that he luaghs at the thing that he longs for.

As a little boy, John Savage tries deperately to be accepted in the tribe that he grew up in.

But when he moves to civilization, he experiences that civilized people aren't civilized at all. He is swarmed with people that he doesn;t like, or ones that he does like, but hates himself for liking them. He despises things that are done commmonly throughout society. All he wants is to be left alone, he does the only thing that he can think of to escape the tormenting of the public, he hangs himself.