"Brave New World" by Adous Huxley.

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Ford versus Jesus

Brave New World is set in the fictional year of A.F. 632. In this fictional world A.F stands for "After Ford," which translates to 632 years after the invention of the first Model T car. The Ford in "After Ford," represents Henry Ford, who was the first American to manufacture automobiles by purely mass production methods, such as the conveyor belt and specialized labor. Ford is considered a deity among the people of this fictional world called the World State. As people in our own society believe in the power of spirituality for order, the people of the World State believe in technology as a social order. We can compare Ford's following (in the fictional World State), to the followings of Jesus Christ in our contemporary society.

The World State is a global caste system set up after the double cataclysm of a nine-year war, and a great economic collapse.

Ford's industrial philosophy began to dominate every aspect of life within the World State. Ford's systematic construction of automobiles translated from inorganic means of production into an organic means of production. People are bred into society in the same fashion as automobiles are efficiently manufactured in our society. We can compare this breeding method to that of how farmers breed chickens on a farm. Farmers inseminate chickens to produce the most efficient amount of poultry possible. The stability of the World State is maintained through a combination of biological engineering and exhaustive conditioning. Citizens of the World State are "hatched" (much like the chickens) to their specific destined social roles. Every citizen is manufactured to be a piece in the puzzle, which is the World State.

What is the role of Jesus Christ in today's contemporary society? Jesus Christ is basically a representation of G-d himself.