Brave new world and blade runner

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Blade Runner and Brave new world SCRAP notes OF notes

- human interference with the natural world and the environment

- totalitarianism in Brave New World to have strata

- imbalance of female influence over the world state

- Blade Runner film noir is a parody

- Blade Runner reflects a Judeo Christian society

- Tyrell is god and creates all the replicates and thus he represents the totalitarian state

- Roy = fallen Lucifer, Deckard = angel of death

- "All those moments will be lost, like tears in rain…Time to die"

- How Roy saves Deckard shows that although he is controlled by Tyrell's conditioning, he can still develop his natural feelings towards the natural world

- Brave New World was written in 1932 where violence in society was still rare. In contrast with Blade Runner in 1992, time had past WW2, Vietnam War, Kennedy assassination, Hiroshima, Gulf war.

The bad violence that has occurred through the past century is frighteningly evident that our futuristic world would resemble that of Blade Runner. Thus Blade Runner is made based on the events in the past. Blade Runner strongly conveys the influence of science and technology in society.

- In blade runner, replicants were made to be slaves. But they develop their own natural emotions and become rebellious to the system.

- Blade Runner has one protagonist

- Blade Runner visuals a dark cityscape, it always rains

- The worthy are allowed to go to the better worlds of the "Off World", while the no worthy have to stay behind on the degrading earth.

- Blimp ads featuring new life JUXTAPOSE world in which we live

- Los Angeles seems very ghetto

- Visuals

o Darkness, rain, overcrowding, environmental and noise pollution, confined spaces, clustered sky scrapers, claustrophobic...