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In the novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley the characters John the Savage and Bernard have a lot of similarities and differences. The major thing they have in common is they are both outcasts in their futuristic society because they both disagree with the present culture. They both feel that it is unmoral. Since they are both of this opinion and situation they both can relate to each other from the moment they meet. However, the do have differences. The major difference they both have is John the Savage is very passionate in everything he does. He doesn't do anything halfway, but Bernard isn't quite as driven.

John the Savage is the same in build as most of the average males of the society they live in, but he is a lot paler being from a different culture. Just that difference in itself sets him apart from a lot of his peers which causes them to look down upon him.

What I just listed is how he is compared in outward appearance to the rest of society. Inwardly he is very different. For one he is very emotional and sensitive to his feelings. Where he is from they believe in being with one person and loving them until you die. His mother does not believe in that so he is deeply hurt by it. When he gets the chance to go back to his origin with Lenina and Bernard he jumps at the chance, taking his mom along as well.

Bernard is a lot different in physical appearance than the rest of the males of society. Whereas John the Savage was only different by being a little bit paler, he is different by being a lot smaller not to mention weak. So as you can see this sets him...