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Snow Scene As a snowflake emerged from the sky, a tear trickled down my face.

While the snowflake brushed past a tree branch, and kissed the ground, the tear made its way into my mouth. I could feel its taste. Bitter, and full of resentment. That was exactly the way I was feeling at that point.

My whole life was breaking down. The words that started this whole web of disaster kept ringing in my head, over and over, like a broken record. "I hate you; go on your stupid date and leave me alone!" The scene kept flashing through my head in a blur. I recalled my dad sadly stepping out the house, about to go on his date, the first one since my mother had died in a car accident 6 months ago. I was disgusted that he could get over her so quickly. My eyes, filled with hate and disgust, followed his turned back.

He was about to close the front door behind him, when suddenly he tripped on the snow I had forgotten to clean up. The image of his head banging against the cold cement of the pathway will never leave my mind. He didn't move, and he didn't utter a single word.

Everything happened so quickly after that. The neighbours heard my horrified shrieks, and they immediately called an ambulance to take my dad to the hospital. I stepped into the vehicle in a daze after him. We then rushed to the hospital, where I had to wait for an hour before I was notified that my dad had suffered a severe heart attack. It was the result of stress. To make it even worse, he had also suffered a concussion from the impact of the fall. He was unconscious, and he would be in a critical condition for weeks, months or even years. No one knew when he would awake.

I was jolted out of my thoughts by a slamming door. My aunt had just entered the house. I was an only child, so she would be living with me until my father regained his consciousness. I looked out the window again, and watched many snowflakes fall from the sky, and melt into the everlasting blanket of white below. Oh, how I wished my problems would just melt away, just as the snow had. This whole mess was entirely my fault. I hadn't cleaned up the snow, which caused my dad to fall, and I practically chased him out of his own house, which was why he had a heart attack. I kept on thinking of the saying, "You never know how much something means to you, till you've lost it." How true this was! I had not really taken any notice of my father until recently, because the relationship I had with my mother was much better than the one I had with my dad. My mother's death upset me so much, that I took him for granted, and now I would have to live every day drowning in guilt because of what I had done.

One week passed, one month passed, and still my dad had not awoken. It was now the 18th of December- 1 week till Christmas Day. I had visited my dad every day, but there was still no sign of recovery. I walked into the hospital at 10am, as usual. This time, however, everyone's expression was somewhat different. The nurses greeted me with a touch of excitement in their voices. When I walked into my dad's room, the first thing I saw was his loving face smiling at me. Dad was alive! He had woken up! I walked towards him and slowly whispered, "I'm sorry, Dad, I'm so, so sorry. I don't hate you at all, in fact, I love you more than anything right now." "It's all right, honey," he whispered back, "I forgive you." On Christmas Day, dad was back with me at home. After enjoying a wholesome Christmas lunch, he settled down to have a nap. Later on, I heard my dad's loud snores echoing through the house. This sound had once irritated me so much, but now it brought only waves of love over me. I looked out the window. Again, snow was falling. With surprise, I felt tears wetting my face. This time, my tears were of happiness, not sadness. My tongue caught a falling tear. It tasted warm and loving, just like the way I was feeling towards my dad. I wondered, how could an object, a tear, be happy and sad? This made me realise that bad experiences were not necessarily bad; people just make them out to be bad in their minds. They focus on the negative things, instead of looking at the positive ones. For example, I had lost a mother, but at least I still had a father! The snow had stopped, along with my heartache. I went outside to clean up the snow on the doorstep, and along with it I felt as if I was cleaning up all my distress. I discovered then, that anything bad in life can be made into something good, all you have to do is look on the bright side of things!