Brutalism In Art

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Modern Movement

Architecture is the most visible way of art, and every building has a certain type of style that resembles

and tells the story of the time and place they were built in. Several movements took place during the

19th/20th Century. Some of the movements were:

Art Nouveau: It is characterized by having an abundance of odd shapes such arcs, curves, and designs.

This style was prominent particularly in Paris, where the artist Siegfried Bing displayed this kind of style

in the "Maison de l'Art Nouveau". The Art Nouveau artists were inspired in nature, such as flowers,

clouds, butterflies, marine creatures, as well as the female figure.

The Art Nouveau was well accepted in Mexican society because of its daring composition. Some

examples of this style in Mexico are the "Gran Hotel de México" and the "Roma" colony.

Arts and Crafts: This movement was similar to the Art Nouveau, although it began in Great Britain in the

late 19th Century. In architecture, the style advocated a return to the Gothic architecture in order to

restore the values missing in the industrialized world. "Perhaps nowhere else does art and architecture

capture this vernacular and cultural landscape as perfectly as is the case in New Mexico." (Cummings,

2001, p. 8)

Art Deco: Art Deco is a combination of many styles that already existed, but with a modern touch. One

of the most well-known Art Deco buildings around the world is the Chrysler Building in New York, which

includes materials such steel and aluminum.

One of the first examples of this type of architecture in Mexico was the "Alianza de Ferrocarrileros

Mexicanos" building by Vicente Mendiola in 1926. Later on, many buildings were made with this Art

Deco, which still is used to date.

Expressionist: This is perhaps the most eye-catching style...