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Media: Friend or Foe to Ai Weiwei

Media has always been the main source for news and world issues. The media is definitely a friend to Ai Weiwei. The internet is a place where he can speak and interact freely to his fans, not have the government harass him like they do in public, and to show his art all over the internet. Ai Weiwei still to this day uses twitter frequently to interact with his fans. He also uses the internet to showcase his art pieces for the world to see. In public, Ai Weiwei used to get followed by police officers and wasn't allowed to be a free man like any other citizen so being able to express himself through media has played a big part in trying to get his message out.

The media such as the internet is a place where Ai Weiwei can be free about expressing himself and interacting with his followers/fans.

Ai Weiwei has a Twitter account where he would put updates on what he is doing and what he is thinking. As his fan base started to grow, so did his followers. A lot of people would read his blogs on Twitter and start to understand what Weiwei is trying to do and accomplish. When the police officer punched him in the head and he had to get surgery done, he posted pictures of himself in the hospital to show the world that our own government in corrupted. Also, when his friend got imprisoned for standing up for what he believed in, he posted a bunch of statuses about it and a lot of people became aware of the situation and the guy who was in prison ended up winning a nobel prize. There are many other sites beside Twitter that...