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The up coming presidential election has lead me to question the President concerning the adequacy of Bush's performance during his four year term. Did he help fulfill this generation' dreams of prosperity for this country and could anyone do better for the next? Can Kerry perform a better job? Looking back we experienced possibly the most tragic event in our life time, September eleventh's terrorist attacks. Other ordeal such as recession, large corporation scandals, and the war in Iraq were heavy burdens upon our president. The president has uncompromising battles to conquer and it is important as citizens that we choose the most qualified leader. Decisions depend on the potential presidents' stand on issue such as foreign policy, crisis management1, and their vision for the future. Other factors are important also like their personal character and integrity. Encarta Encyclopedia States that a United States President has four primary jobs out of many; chief executive officer of the federal government, leader of the executive branch, and the commander in chief of the armed forces.

2 This is an American leader who strongly commits to democracy and equal opportunity for the all.2 The Constitution gave the right to any citizen of the country the opportunity to become president. 2 So with that thought who will be the best man for Americas forty fourths President; George Bush or Kerry Grant?

George W. Bush was the forty third president elected in two-thousand and one. Bush is a kindhearted republican with a bachelor's degree from Yale University and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard. He was a fighter pilot in the Texas Air National Guard in his earlier years. Bush has helped this country in many ways during his term considering the circumstances. He has made good marks by appointing minorities to high level...