Bushman out of the Bush

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Bushman out of the Bush

The way of life portrayed by the Bushman was one that would not be considered modern and not inline with the technological advancements we all rely so much on. They only use the basic elements of what the Gods give them, knowing little, if nothing at all, about the world outside their own village/family. The movie offered some background on their history and way in which they live their life without the cars, electricity, and restaurants that we so depend on. Here there is some analyzing of their way of life that the Bushman go through that is so different from the modern methods of living we all know and use.

The Bushman have little to no experience, or even knowledge, of the world outside their own community. This lack of awareness makes their worldview based around just their people. They see the world as a much more pure, rich place than the big, industrialized cities that we know of.

The movie stated about their way of life, "The Gods give us everything we need." And furthermore, everything can be used. So they have an idealistic thinking of the world that has a good amount of basis in religion since they are dependent on their God(s). As sighted in Intercultural Communication, " Rubin and Peplau (1975) credit the child's parents, religious instruction, and instruction in schools as contributors." (Samovar, L.) These are "contributors" to the development of their worldview, and since they do not have official schooling then just about all of the influence comes from their parents/ family. That is because a non-existent interaction with the outside world, so a repetitive worldview comes into play with just about all Bushman.

With this worldview the Bushman are often left dumbfounded when confronted with the...