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Knowing the culture and be willing to modify your ideas and approach is the most important thing a trainer must do to prepare for an international training session. If you know the culture of the country and you are willing to modify your ideas and approach than you will not only understand the host countries people and offend them less but you will be able to get them to participate more.

If you know that you are going to another country to study, train, teach, work, or for vacation you must try to learn the countries culture. There are many ways to learn the countries culture. Go to the library and get books or videos and read through or watch them. You can try to learn some of the language from that country from books, videos, or friends. You can also conduct many searches on the Internet. The more you know in advance about the culture of the host nation the better your tour will be (Firth, 2002, P.


If you are traveling to a country to train some of their people for a short-term, you need to study about that country as much as possible. Short-term assignments make it difficult to adjust to the effect of jet lag and the difficulties of having to work in cross-cultural situations when your head is not completely clear. Glamour of international travel can fade quickly when one is confronted with demanding travel schedules and added pressures at home. Working outside your own culture is exhausting if you’re attempting to understand and be effective, although cultural styles become more apparent after several trips to the same country (Kemper, 1998, P. 3). The more you know about the country in advance, the better off you will be and the more you will enjoy...