The business analysis of establishing a new restaurant in Dockland area of Melbourne city, Australia.

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Business Operation Part II Create by Buntrika Somsaeng

Definitely, New Quay Dockland is another busy area for Tourism from the environment attraction as waterfront, beautiful yachts anchor and many interesting events that happening during in a year include beautiful apartments also the area is not far from the city. Many residences that live in New Quay Docklands do need a café as a part of community in the area.

The business would like to open a café in the area as reasons:

To be a center community for residences in New Quay.

To be a fantastic café that is respond what customers want. (as healthy food)

The business got a passion in hospitality.

Food and beverage business as a café in New Quay got critical success factors, as strengths of the business are:

The area attracts tourism.

Public transports access the business area and parking provides personal transportations.

The café have nice decoration and relax environment.

The café serves good food which includes healthy choice (organic products).

Menu is written to concern about people who got special diet (food intolerance).

Professional and friendly staffs welcome to serve customers.

Naturally, the café design for relaxing environment with wooden tables and benches, umbrellas for the seats outside, small plants to give green area but the main theme of the café is cactus (varieties and similar family of s) as Con Christopoulos who got many new projects and one of influential play makes on Melbourne food and wine field. Con Christopoulos is a person who loves espresso so he uses espresso machine to be his unique. Open door is other ideas in summer get some fresh air and umbrellas for sunny day then start evening with warm color lights.

From an article in the age newspaper, the writer has shown the facts that...