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Business context

If the hotel is preparing a wedding for or any other glamorous event in their reception, their customer would set this event in the way they wanted to. They would make a selection of different types of items to set this event. The hotel would need to provide them some information of the costs that they would be expending about the items that they would reach to have in their event and for this the hotel would need some financial documents to provide the economic information to the customers, as well to get a register about the expenses and how this can generate a profit for the company we will to this some financial documents to understand this. As another point the hotel would need some financial documents to understand the incomes that they are making such as number of rooms and prices that they are taking of this rooms and to get an accurate number for this they would need some financial documents as an organised and under stable method of register.

Financial Document

This method is appropriate to use because the business would need a register about expenses " bills , maintains of rooms , employees , items purchased for the preparation of the events that would be set in the reception and others " and incomes "profit" they would need to understand how the business is improving and how much of money they are making if they need to make other strategies to improve their profit if they are generate to many expenses unnecessarily all of this need to be analyse as the way of a financial document that would explain in detail with number how the business is going on .

This method is really important because permit to the company has a detailed...