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Is downloading songs off Napster morally accepted?

Some people say it is stealing, others say it is free expression. What do you think?

Whose rights are involved? Who will it help and who will it hurt

In my case assignment I will be talking on the downloading of songs off the website called Napster whether is morally accepted or not. Also, if downloading music is stealing or free expression when visiting sights that allow downloading music for free.

In my opinion downloading music from sites through the internet should be legal as one is paying for internet services. I have researched the Napster website which provides music to download from their website. If the person is paying for the domain for others to come in and join his website it should be accepted. The people that here music and have internet access are more than likely surf the web and find out what type of music is out there to download into their personal computers.

Others prefer to buy the music from local vendors. The internet website has been the one being characterized for pirating music, but the people that buy music and make duplicates for sale illegally should be monitored closely as well. The music industry companies who have the rights to the music should create something to stop the piracy or downloading music for free from the internet. As long as there are people like Shawn Fanning with a creative mind for information technology, the internet services offered to the public will be going on for a long time. Even if the music artists find a way through the judicial system to stop Shawn Fanning from putting music up in his domain for downloading, another person will find another way to put music up for free or for...