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1.1 Characteristics of Large Scale OrganisationsDef. An organization is a system that enables groups of people to work together in a planned & co-ordinated way to achieve common goals and objectives.

- Large organisations are complex structures that have many different work activities within them.

• They require a number of levels of management• Generally concerned with productivityWithin an organisation, employees performing similar functions are grouped together, functions include:1. Production (Operations)2. Personnel (Human Resources)3. Finance (Accounting)4. MarketingDefining an organisation as large:• Number of employees – LSOs employs more than 200 people.

Most commonly used – Number of employees. Coles Myer employs 165,000 Australians and is Australia’s largest organisation by number of employees.

• Revenue (gross income) or ANUNUAL SALES REVENUE – LSOS have income earned in the millions of dollars.

By revenue – News Corporation is largest with $31 billion per year turnover.

• Total assets (Asset: value items that can be sold) – Assets must be valued at $200M or more.

National Australia Bank have more assets than any other Australian company, $397 billion.

• Extent of operations – LSO’s are owned and based in one country, but operates in many countries throughout the world through branches or subsidiaries. For example, Nike has offices or manufacturing facilities throughout the world, Mcdonalds, Coke, Ford.

•Board of directors – LSOS will often have a board of directors.

•ASX – Many LSOS are public companies that are listed on the ASX.

Three main types of LSOS:• CORPORATIONS (COMPANIES)Aim to make a profit to improve financial worth.

Private companies (Up to 50 shareholders) or Public companies (numerous shareholders) or Government owned, a Government Business Enterprise (GBE).

Private companies (eg RipCurl, Boost Juice) aims to provide G&S in the pursuit of profit. Revenue source is the income from the sale of G&S they provide.