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Executive Summary

Party Makers is a company unique in the entertainment industry, which when introduced into the market will create a new market for parties all around northern Greece and in the long run, in Greece as a whole. In the United States and various countries in Europe, there are companies which offer their services in setting up and fulfilling parties for all ages and all types of themes.

The uniqueness of Party Makers will be the fact that in Greece there is no such similar company which can offer such services. Except for the fact that the company will offer to set up a whole party along with the appropriate DJ, lighting, decorations and catering, Party Makers will allow the customer to go online and plan his/her party by his/her self and then talk with the party organizers of the company in order to look at every single detail which will be needed for a successful party.

For the customers who don't have time to spare into their party organization, party makers will offer to the customer a variety from ready party schemes and plans from a list.

Usually when taking a look into a party one can think of something relatively simple in a house where all chairs, tables and expensive decorations are put aside, a cheap and simple buffet and a few CD's are what accompany a party. Party Makers will create a whole new industry in which it will be the pioneer. As a company, it will offer a unique set of options through the internet to the customer which will be able to plan the party the way he/she wants. All that Party Makers will ask from the customer will be a down payment of 20% of the total cost,