Business Writing Portfolio

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Business Writing Portfolio

University of Phoenix

COM 285

Rhonda Cottingham

October 25, 2009

Part I

Identify the target audience Store managers Store employees Retail customers and the public

Identify the communication types that will be used Store managers: A business memo Store employees: An e-mail Retail customers and the public: A business letter

Identify the appropriate communication styles for each audience Store managers: Formal style Store employees: Persuasive style Retail customers and the public: the spin


ABC Clothiers


To: All Store Managers

From: Theresa Butler, Public Relations Manager, ABC Clothiers

Date: 5/23/2010

Re: Change in Hours of Operation

In an effort to combat increasing gas prices and as a way to reduce store overhead, please be aware that there will be a change in store operating hours effective immediately.

The store will now be open from 9 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday.

We have decided that the store will not be open for business on Sundays. Store managers will now be required to work four 10 hour days per week. This will ensure that managers are still receiving their normal 40 hour work weeks as well as give them an additional day to spend with family and friends. We will also require that part-time employees consolidate their work weeks into one, two or three day work weeks depending on what their schedule is.

Currently, there will be no store closings; and we do not foresee any new store openings in the immediate future. It is expected that the new hours of store operation will reduce fuel cost for the employees.


Store Employees (e-mail) Send as: Theresa Butler, Public Relationship Manager To: All Store Employees Subject: Improvement in Hours of Operation Effective immediately, we will begin operating...