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M1 Task1 Task2 Business Joanna Atse


In Business 1 and 2 the manager (owner) are similar. This is shown that they are both in charge of the overall business. They both take responsibility of staffing and they can see if they will need more or less employees. They also take responsibility of giving employees' wages, being charge of this keeps the business organised and running successfully. They have the ability to take in control and keep an eye on the business, successfully.

Moreover, there are many differences between the two of these businesses. The main differences between these two businesses are that one is bigger than the other another differences communication with their employees; it is a lot easier to communicate in the smaller business than the bigger business. The owner of business 2 ( the small business) has not go any informal contact with his employees because of the structure being flat with not a lot of employees, however the manager of business being hierarchal structure and has a lot of employees.

(which your unlikely to communicate with everyone)


In business 1 and 2 the checkout operative and supporting staffs are similar. Both of the businesses are interactive with customers and have the same set of skills to do this. Working on the checkouts, customer service assistants are friendly. Greeting customers with a friendly smile and a pleasant word they unnecessary delays. Previous checkout experience would be fantastic but it's not simple, they have a good communication skills and the desire to give everyone an enjoyable shopping experience.

Unfortunately, they're a lot of differences between these two types of employee. The checkout operative is used to dealing with more customers and can deal with more customer related issues. The reason for this is because the business...