can be a place?

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The place that I want to tell you has been neglected for almost of your entire life. Can it be a place? You may think no but I tentatively say yes. It is everywhere. It is at the end border of the world, surrounded by human and his consciousness. Its territories are perfectly rounded, huge or even stagnant like a thousand years immutable wall well. Despite the high thin-hole barrier, the territories are somehow are unbreakable and unreachable by human sense, leaving a big question mark, why are we likely don't want to visit this place even we feel its existence?

Sensitively, our senses depict how we underestimated the important of the construction of this place, a structure dreamed by most people nowadays. Its appearance is very far from a portrait of superblock mall or hotel: clean, comfy, and luxurious; the nose will smell unpleasant odor as stingy as a stack of rancid meat.

The eyes will drop a tick of water as little as Niagara Falls wavering down its blue color. The skin will be itchy even before you step your feet near its gate. Disturbingly, is there any place such that? The answer is, yes.

Moreover, its Nation, Province, and City don't want to know much about what is inside like culture, population, and hierarchy due to asymmetrical principles there. The more you put value into it, the more you lose your own value. It happens naturally since the sun loses its power to penetrate this place yielding unhealthy lifestyle for people. There are abundantly foods and drinks but you wont satisfy. The cotton you wear will be crumpled by itself. Fighting and bumping into each other become the only way to get space for living. Many of them have left but the reality is,