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Cancer is a life-threatening disease that can be fatal if not caught at an early stage. When cancer was just beginning to be diagnosed, scientists didn't know and of the causes or precautions involved. The cost common types of cancer are cancer of the colon, prostate, lungs, and breast. The unique thing about this disease is that the actual disease does not usually originate from foreign cells. But the actual cells that cause it are the body's own cells.
All cancers relate to mitosis because the reason that cancers have such an effect on the body is that they form masses of cancerous cells that are called tumors that often spread to other parts of the body. And the reason that tumors form is that cancerous cells divide with out control. They divide so rapidly and to such a great extent that the body cannot attack and get rid of them.

Essentially, the cells have lost their ability to control their own rate of growth and will continue to duplicate until the supply of nutrients is exhausted.
But now with all the advances of modern technology scientists have found that many things may affect a cells ability to control mitosis. Some of them include chromosome mutations such as deletion, duplication, inversion, and translocation. And others include viruses that contain cancer-causing genes (oncogenes), radiation including sunlight, X-rays, nuclear radiation, and carcinogens.
Cancer treatments include surgery, usually to remove a cancerous tumor, radiation therapy, which kills all rapidly dividing cells including the cancer cells and hair cells, and drug therapy (chemotherapy) which is also used to stop the cancer cells from dividing.