"Canterbury Tales", by Geoffrey Chaucer.

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In the Canterbury Tales prologue, Chaucer also finds characteristics in the pilgrims which he truly admires. This is in contrast with the pervious paragraph which explained Geoffrey Chaucer use satire when pointing out character flaws. Firstly, Chaucer finds the knight's characteristics admirable. The knight follows a code of conduct, described as chivalry. These fundamentals aware respected in medieval Times. The author describes the knight as a "most distinguished man...who follows chivalry". The knight is also depicted as man of "truth, honour, curiosity and generosity who has done nobly in his sovereigns war. (p.___). As Chaucer speaks admirably about the knight, he does it in a fashion far from genital. Exquisitely blunt, Chaucer states "[He is] a gentle and perfect knight" This is a very high compliment, and the even stating of perfection of one person shows absolute respect. Secondly, the oxford cleric is a devoted student.

Chaucer tells the Cleric's "moral virtue". This is Chaucer's was of comprehending the Oxford Cleric intelligence and determination. This expert is bluntly understood but the reader as Chaucer relay "His only care was to study" (p___).Chaucer admire a scholar. This could be a result of Chaucer's developed relationships with intelligent educated people. Perhaps, Chaucer could relate the life of The cleric to someone educated whom he is friends with. The last line of the clerics introduction is a precise indicator o Chaucer's feelings for the student, :and he would gladly learn, and gladly teach. " Chaucer admired and was fond of men who apprehended the gift of teaching. because when he was a soldier these men taught his French, Italian and Spanish. For this he admires sharing Chaucer takes a general likening it the Oxford Cleric scholars. Thirdly, the honest parson is also a character Chaucer seems to...