"Cantina Del Rio" Restaurant.

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1.0: Case Overview

In looking over the case to follow, it will be showing how Cantina Del Rio restaurant is running with popularity from customers and local market, while also looking ahead to plans for expanding to many other possible locations across America. A situational analysis will briefly set out what the current situation is, so that then a proper problem or issues statements can be developed. The problems have a chance of being specifically addressed by doing a SWOT critical analysis. After his analysis possible solutions will be offer, then the pros and cons will be discuss for each.

2: Situation Analysis:

The main issues facing the immediate situation are (1) deciding how to deal with high popularity of first restaurant that leads to (2) long waiting lines at peak times such as weekend evenings and (3) people having to wait in alcohol bar area for too long, which (4) can take away from the idea of it being a family restaurant.

These are the main issues of current situation, but other issues also surround the great expense going into each design and furnishing of a restaurant. Is this a model that can be sustained into other locations?

3: Problem Definition:

Even though many issues and potential problems were identified in the situational analysis, the central problem surrounding Cantina del Rio is a simple one: how to proceed to create the best possible managed site, and how this will lead to the chances for further expansion to other restaurants in new locations?

4: Critical Factors: SWOT Analysis

Strengths -Internal

- Great deal of planning to create authentic atmosphere

- Local good relations with Hispanic community that supports theme

- Experience in restaurant operations, and strong emphasis on marketing knowledge such as be searching for best locations

- Carefully selected...