Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment

Murder is a heinous crime. Unfortunately, it is a common crime. We consistently see evidence of murder in our society, it is even mentioned in the first chapter of the Bible. It is frowned upon in almost every society. It is against the law, it is against the Ten Commandments, and it is outlawed in just about every place in the world. Human life has become more and more insignificant in our society. People have no value for human life and feel no pain in taking someone's life away. In some jurisdictions, authorized officials are legally allowed to kill people who commit capital crimes. Whether it is allowed or not, it is still murder. Everyone commits sins, but we should not take it upon ourselves to judge someone of their sins and take action for them. Hammurabi's Code of Law said, "Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth."

But if we followed that rule, everybody would be blind and toothless. Capital punishment should be entirely outlawed because it is no less of a crime than murder is.

Proponents of capital punishment usually amount to family members of victims. These people seek the death penalty as retribution for their lost loved ones. These affected individuals seek the death penalty as a closure for the loss of their son, daughter, father, mother, or brother. Wishing death upon someone else is something we should never do. Seeing another person die as a result of a lost love one cannot possibly make anyone feel better! "If we adopted this maxim, where would it end? You kill my son; I kill yours. You rape my daughter; I rape yours. You mutilate my body; I mutilate yours. And we would pursue this course, despite the lack of any reason to believe it will...