Capitalism conditions us to accept whats on the table. What democracy?

Essay by Guvna23 June 2003

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Why is it that we're so happy when we go on holiday? When we come back, we look good, feel good, and even taste good. We're stress-free, relaxed, and open to suggestion. You know why? Because that's where we want to be - in the sun - by the beach - or whatever does it for u. Total bliss. Why are we here?

Life aint about working 50hours a week being deprived of our freedom and having to sell our labour in jobs where we don't understand why we are there or cannot relate to. The cheeky part is that we are allocated only 4 to 6 weeks per year of our own time to take a break (cheers mate!). Some unfortunate souls don't even get that! Work for most of us simply becomes a means to an end. Means = Labour, End = wage/cash. When we think we like our jobs, this normally means that's its tolerable - we don't mind being there - satisfactory - ok - a laugh- whatever! And that even tends to be just novelty: and we all know what happens to that! As Karl Marx said, a person and their work should be one 'Inseparable'; using the creative potential this is in every human being.

And believe me, the only time we really had that was in the days when man would build his hut and make an axe in order to hunt. A very long time ago!!

EXAMLPE: Corporate bankers and Lawyers that earn millions per year will work 12 to 15 hours a day. Is that worth it? Is it fuck!!!! One thing that's for sure is: "THIS IS UR LIFE AND IT IS ENDING ONE MINUTE AT A TIME!" What good is coming home from work with just enough time to...