Capitol Punishment

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Capital punishment is a difficult and extremely controversial subject. My position on the subject is that it is a necessary form of punishment, under very limited conditions. Those conditions are: that the sentenced be guilty of intentional murder or the molestation (including intercourse) of a child (not a teenager behaving as an adult). I had trouble taking a stand on capital punishment for one reason only; so I will get that out of the way. The justice system before setting a sentence of death, needs to be absolutely sure, (not sure beyond a reasonable doubt) that the person is guilty.

It is my belief that someone who would have sexual intercourse with a child, who is very clearly a child, is beyond any type of rehabilitation. These people should never be permitted to enter society again. People beyond any hope of rehabilitation, who will always be a threat to society should be executed.

My support of capital punishment for such people is twofold. Firstly, our prisons also have many non-violent criminals, (or others who can be rehabilitated) who should not be subjected to people of such evil. Secondly, why should we house and feed these people for 20-50 years. If there is no chance a convict will ever be valuable members of society, and we are absolutely sure they did the crime why take care of them.

There is much discussion on the cost of the capital punishment verses life in prison. Cost is not the point so much as the purpose of the cost. In the death penalty society is paying to rid themselves and prisons of the atrocities of society. And the costs that are being used in evaluating the cost of capital punishment include the cost of the trials and appeals. There are trials and appeals on...