The Capulet's unromantic and business-like view of love

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When Paris and Capulet have their discussion about the arranged marriage of Juliet to Paris, they discuss it in a very business like manner:

Monday! Ha ha! Well, Wednesday is too soon.

A Thursday let it be, a Thursday, tell her

From this we can see that Capulet is arranging the marriage as if it were a business meeting, showing they have a somewhat cold-hearted view of love. We can also see that Capulet also decides not to have a big reception at the wedding because of, "Tybalt being slain so late". This shows that Capulet believes that people may think that they did not care about Tybalt if they have a large party so soon to the death of Tybalt. However, this is ironic because he is only delaying the wedding by a couple of days which does not really make a difference. Also, the fact that he has set back the date, shows that he thinks he has power and control over everyone.

We can see from, "Thursday, tell her" that Capulet is speaking in the imperative and ordering Lady Capulet to go and tell Juliet that she is going to get married. This shows that he even feels that he has authority and control over his own wife, who is more or less equal to him in power. However, we see that Lady Capulet agrees with whatever Capulet says; "I will and know her mind early tomorrow". This shows that Lady Capulet is both harsh and cold, as she does not recognise that her daughter may not want to get married, and it also shows that she does not want to get involved as she is obedient to her husband.

We can also see that Capulet exerts authority over his family:

Doth she not give...