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Throughout his presidency, Cardenas changed the political landscape of his country more than anyone. The desire to give Mexicans another chance was the foundation of Cardenas' challenge to the ruling (previous) Party. His desire was to see Mexico without official corruption, with more equal distribution of wealth, and a Mexico that does not subordinate itself to businessmen or to the United States. Meanwhile, there were others that believed that President Cardenas and his associates had realized what economists have known for months. Cardenas also wanted to assist the farmers who were not able to afford machinery to work on their land. He believed that production of Mexican crops such as wheat, corn and cocoa has shrunk sharply partly due to drought, and inefficient working of lands.

To better the lives of the Mexican people, The Mexican government (Cardenas) promised to raise the work wage. The proposed increase was the Mexican Government's way of settling a strike by 18,000 Mexican oil workers which seriously threatened Mexico's depleted treasury, greatly dependent upon taxes paid by foreign oil interests.

Oilmen, already spouting over vigorous President Cardenas' expropriation of 850,000 acres of undeveloped oil lands leased by foreigners, objected vigorously and the wage problem was referred to a Mexican board of arbitration and conciliation. As mentioned, Mexico's economy would suffer even more if the government did not find ways to keep the cycle and help its people