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Career Exploration: Pediatric Dentistry

Ever since I was a young girl I've always been passionate about dentistry. Taking trips to the my dentist's office often felt like a privilege and I was fascinated with the fantasy like facade that was presented in the dental clinic with the large exotic fish aquariums, bright mystical colors, and the "prizes" hidden away in the treasure box at the reception desk. This wonderful experience that I had during my dental visits as a child not only built the foundation of my healthy dental care lifestyle but it also was the inspiration behind my lifelong goal to one day become a pediatric dentist and create the same opportunities for the next generation to become inspired and educated about the importance of dental health.

I strategically constructed a 10 year plan after I graduated high school to make sure that I stay on the right path to reach my dreams.

I am planning to graduate from Portland State University within the next two years with a Bachelor of Science in General Science accommodated by a Minor Degree in Community health. Shortly after graduation I plan to attend OHSU School of Dentistry in Portland, OR and graduate in four years with a Doctorate of Dental Medicine. I intend to further my education by completing a 24 month postgraduate residency program specializing in pediatric dentistry. My overall goal is to work as a Pediatric Dentist in a dental clinic located in a region of impoverishment to provide preventive dental health care for the community and provide quality dental care for those who may not have the resources to accommodate a healthy dental lifestyle.

Becoming a Pediatric Dentist means that I would have to dedicate at least ten years to gaining the education required for...