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Carl Brashear "The Men of Honor"

The movie Men of Honor was released in November 2000 ("IMDb," n.d). In 129 minutes that the movie takes to watch, the director George Tillman Jr. describes Carl Brashear's life. It describes the racism and adversity that Carl like many others had to endear through the 40's and 70's while serving their country. Carl's struggle and constant can do attitude is what made the man. This story of Carl Brashear and his drive and efforts to become the first man of color to ever hold the rank of a Navy Diver is depicted below.

The movie starts off by introducing Master Chief Billy Sunday a US Navy Diver, who was under arrest for being absent without leave (AWOL). Master Chief Sunday and the two guards were watching TV news broadcast about the ongoing salvage operation when Master Chief recognized a familiar face on the screen.

One of the guards made a racist joke; Master Chief attacked him and subdued him until the broadcast was over.

The next scene was a flash back some 25 years, where a young black boy named Carl Brashear was watching his father plow the field with a horse on their farm. Carl wanted to quit school so that he could help his father work the farm so the land owner would not evict them. His father did not want Carl to stop going to school, he wanted better for his son.

A flash forward and Carl has grown-up, he is now standing beside a bus and his father gives him a homemade radio to remind him of home, and tells Carl to be the best, even if it means breaking all of the...