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Xinyi Zhao

Case Memo 2

Sep. 25th, 2014

Analyzing a comprehensive case of a nonprofit organization is a good way to practice applying nonprofit management knowledge to the actual nonprofit world. In this case memo, I will summarize key points of the East Coast Orchestra's case and develop an abbreviated strategic plan for this organization along with three goals for the organization to respond to specific problems mentioned in this case.

In terms of the summary of this case, here is what has happened concerning this organization. Musicians in the mid-1970s founded the East Coast Orchestra (ECO), and Paul was the first president of the board. Joan and Walter Davis made their best efforts to make this organization become more formalized by holding social events to raise money for this organization, based on the situation that financial difficulties already existed in this organization. The attendees of those social events appointed themselves as board of directors, and Walter Davis became the president.

Based on the social and artistic background of this community, ECO has successfully increased its growth and gained recognition by the community. However, problems concealed in this organization have become more intense during the transition time of development, such as lack of direction within the board, strategic plan, or a point of focus that the organization could use. Other problems plaguing the organization included a lack of leadership and the trustees' lack of knowledge about fundraising and how raising funds are implemented for the organization's managerial professionalism. Therefore, after analyzing key points of the East Coast Orchestra's case, there is a high need to provide a strategic plan to this organization to conquer the obstacles it faces and move forward.

At the very beginning, the first goal for this organization was to build a strong leadership for...