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Provide care support which is responsive to the specific nature of dementia.

- Ask Mrs. Carol Cowan’s son or daughter or relative what did her interested and liked e.g.: bring her own cup or favorite toys. It helps her comforts and fell securer.

- Listen to her emotion and validate her feelings.

- Provide activities for her to play with others e.g.: play Fun withPuzzles, bingo or sing a long with other residents.

2/ - Stay calm and use good communication skills, listen to her, validate her feelings and try to distract her if it is safe.

- Be aware of the warning signs and intervene before the situation arises again.

- Address Mrs. Cowan’s underlying feelings.

- Try to identify what triggered the reaction by following the steps outlined in my organization’s problem-solving tool.

- Avoid physical contact. If it is safe to do so, walk away and give her time to calm down.

- Ensure her has medical check up current medication is reviewed and assessed, and new medication administered if necessary.

3/ - Mrs. Cowan is exhibiting the anxious behaviors of shadow.

Shadowing is catching or running after a shadow.

4/ - Mrs. Cowan is agitated.

•She may become restless.

•Wander•May become more confused and disorientated.

Answer of question 5:a, possible reasons:•She may be discomfort or pain and wandering is her way of expressing her distress.

•The environment is unfamiliar to her, causing her to feel fearful and anxious – she want to go “home”.

•She may be hungry, thirsty, tired, and looking for the toilet.

•She may be trying to fulfil a task from her past.

•She may be bored or accustomed to being an active person and need to be moving.

b, precautions should be taken to assist in maintaining Mrs. Cowan’s safety and security...