Case Study Analysis of ABC Inc.

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Avoiding procrastination, improving time management, and good critical thinking are essentials skills needed for the survival of ABC Inc.

Carl Robin has been the campus recruiter for ABC for six months. He hired fifteen trainees in April to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. Carl scheduled for June 15 an orientation to have the new employees ready to work by July. On May fifteen, Mr. Robin told Monica that he will have everything ready for the event. But, he did nothing until after Memorial Day. Now he just has fifteen days before the orientation event takes place. One of the problems faced by Carl is the lack of orientation room. The orientation room is reserved by Joe from technology service for the month of June. Also, he just have three orientation manuals and with missing pages. Besides, he has not finish the required paper work for the new trainees.

Carl Robin's issues to solve

To accomplish the above mentioned task, he needs to solve the following issues:

- Complete applications and transcripts on file.

- Trainees' drug screenings, none of the employees have taken it.

- Orientation manuals, just three and with missing pages.

- Orientation room, he does not have one.

Drug Testing, Applications, and Transcripts on File

An urgent appointment should be scheduled immediately with the trainees at the office. Applications must be revised and filled properly. There are just fifteen new employees, so this task should not take more than one day work, in addition, Carl should talk with the laboratory's manager to ask if the drug testing samples could be taken the same day of the scheduled appointment. The laboratory should help in this issue if it wants to keep a large customer like ABC. The drug testing will take the trainees by surprise...