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Reinventing the Wheel at Apex Door Company.

The central problem is that Jim Delaney, president of the Apex Door Company,

cannot get his employees to do specific tasks without messing up. The causes of

the central problem are that when employees don't understand something they

improvise on their own without asking a supervisor. Other causes to the central

problem are that none of the jobs have training manuals, and their job descriptions

are out of date. Also all training for new employees is done all on the job, by

employees that are leaving or sometimes by an employee who has occassionaly

filled in for the job in the past. The training is all relatively the same for all the jobs

throught the company. Alternative solutions are that each job have a training

manual, and that new up to date job descriptions be written. Also a new training

program be made where each job will have a senior member who is extremely

knowledgable in that specific area train new employees.

My recommendations

are that all the steps listed above, new training manuals, up to date job descriptions,

and a new training program be implemented into the company to make sure that

each employee fully understand their job.