Case Study: Ubiquitous Learning in Edith Cowan University

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The inventor, Victor Pierobon, designed it solely as a disruptive technology to replace all chargeable communication services, such as landline telephones, cellular phones, and cable TV with an entirely free service, a user based, user solely owned communication infrastructure. To enable this, MACS route messages using GPS or longitude/latitude location, navigation between other MACS to the destined geo-location. Each MACS device is a multi-channel repeater/transceiver.

The ECU mesh network access radios use standard 802.11 b/g protocols, while the transit radios connecting the access points use IPsec line-of-sight 802.11a, effective up to 200 to 300 meters depending on local conditions. Meshing protocols have not yet been standardized. The Nortel product uses open shortest path first (OSPF)-based protocols for discovery of adjacent access points. An IEEE working group is expecting submissions for standardized meshing protocols in the first quarter of 2006.