"Catcher in the rye" by J.D. Salinger.

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Catcher in the rye

Catcher in the rye should no longer be included in high school cirriculum. This book is about a teenager named Holden and what kind of absticles, struggles and emotions teenagers come face to face whitin daily life. Catcher in the rye is not only a waste of students time but also a waste of the teacher who have to teach it.

Holden Caulfield is a seventeen year old boy who was brought up in upper class New York. Holden managed to flunk out of many prestigious prep schools all because he wouldn't try. He's a very depressed young man who many teenagers today can relate to, in some degree, but then you start to get lost in the point of the chracters issues. Throughout the whole book Holden wants to call up a friend but then decides he's not in the mood. By the end of the book he is still faced with the issue of calling his friend.

There are many things in which the character refers to that have a lot of significance in what the writer has to say, but there are way too many. Just thinking about every little thing and its "significance" will give you a headache. Some things are relevant; like the hunting cap Holden wears throughout the book. But when new things come in to play, like Holdens sister riding on a carousel you wonder what it has to do with or if she's just riding on a carousel.

There was nothing to learn from this book. Kids in high school know what its like being a teenager, they dont have to read a book about it. Catcher in the rye was written fifty-eight years ago, the time gap is huge between generations. The significance and view points of...