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Manvir Hundal

Presentation Plan: Content- La Vie Est Belle (Lancome)



Flaw/Hidden Truth

Billboard Ad

We see a celebrity endorsing the product along with a visual of the perfume. The celebrity is glowing with a big smile and with plenty of make up on. The bottle of perfume is sparkling There is text in the ad that tells the audience to live life the way they want to and life is beautiful. The target audience would be females who wear perfume.

The ad is unable to show the audience anything that has to do with the smell of the perfume. The bottle is also not up to scale with the rest of the ad. The bottle is almost the size of the celebrities face but in actuality it is not that big. The celebrity becomes the center of attention because she is wearing the perfume, but the audience won't be able to tell if she smells good. They will see her beauty and assume she smells great, not knowing if she is even wearing the perfume.

TV Commercial

We see a celebrity who is endorsing the product wearing bright a bright white dress walk into a room full of people wearing black dresses and suits. She stands out because she is wearing the perfume. Although at first everyone is restricted by chains, the celebrity gracefully breaks out of her chains because she is wearing the perfume. After the chains are off she walks up a stage and become the center of attention in the room with everyone looking in her direction. This implies the perfume will make you stand out above and while others remain unhappy without the perfume that you have, you will find that life is beautiful. The target audience for this would be females...