The Causes of the American Revolution

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Causes of the American Revolution

The colonists in America had enjoyed relative freedom from England since they arrived. They came to the New World, after all to escape England, for whatever reasons they may have had-religious, economic, or social. When England decided in the eighteenth century that they were going to crack down and impose their power on the colonies, the announcement did not come across well. In fact, rebellion was unavoidable, it was only a matter of time.

Parliament tried to establish power in the New World by issuing a series of laws and taxes. The passage of these laws caused American's to undermine their loyalty to Britain and fight for their freedom. The colonies could have accepted England's right to monitor trade, but the change in 1767 was what really riled the colonies. England began to slowly tighten its imperial grip to avoid a large reaction from the colonists.

During the Seven Years War, the British sent over ten thousand troops to America to handle property problems in the colonies. This cost Britain a large amount of money, and they did not want to see the funds come out of their pocket. To off set some of the cost, Britain began passing acts to tax the colonists to subsidise their debt.

The Sugar Act of 1764 was an example of a tax that greatly affected on the Colonial lifestyle. The act stated that any foreign export of lumber or skin had to first land in Britain. It also raised the price of sugar from the Indies. The British took advantage of the colonists, when they passed the Quartering Act in 1765. It forced Americans colonists to house and feed British soldiers on demanded. This limited the colonists' freedom and only spread anger throughout the colonies. The laws regulated...